Importance of Microsoft Excel for students


Microsoft Excel offers numerous benefits for students.

It helps them to convert raw data into meaningful information, perform faster calculations through Excel exercises, visualize data, and learn financial planning.

Overall basics of excel help students to understand the importance of data and information filters. By using Excel, students can enhance their analytical and problem-solving skills, which can be beneficial in both academic and professional settings.

Learning to track goal progressions and calculate salaries are essential skills that students will encounter and use in the future. By practicing these skills early in their careers using Microsoft Excel, students can handle large amounts of data and information easily and accurately.

This will prepare them for the demands of the professional world and enable them to work efficiently and effectively in data science, data analysis, and financial management field.

Students can become good and proficient in any school or college subject by using Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is really important in our education system because that enhances data management creativity in students’ minds.

Microsoft Excel is an important application in computers that need to be used in the classroom and education.

ExploreHow to learn Microsoft Excel in the best way possible

There are various reasons why Microsoft Excel is important in Education but let’s look at the following reasons I think are very important to consider:-

In Excel, students can do and learn the fastest way to do the calculation with accuracy

Microsoft Excel formulas, formatting options, and other data management and visualization tools can help students to perform complex mathematical, logical, and financial calculations faster and with more accuracy.

Microsoft Excel contains various educational and business tools and features. It means if students start learning and start working on Excel the earlier as possible then it will be easier for them in the future to handle and understand the pattern of data and information when they join a computer or computer science degree or any organization.

Today, Data management and visualization in business is the most important thing. In the future students will work in organizations and companies, and they will find it comfortable to deal with data and information.

Microsoft Excel Tools such as conditional formatting, sorting, filters, use of chart and illustration in data visualization, use of pivot table, logical formulas such as SUMIF, IF, OR, NOT, AND and various other types of text-based options in Excel is really important for students to understand how economics works in our daily life.

By using such a tool they will learn how to validate, consolidate, group, import, and explore data and information on a computer using Microsoft Excel faster with accuracy.

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Microsoft Excel builds strong analytical thinking and skills

Microsoft Excel application explores productive creativity in students’ minds. Finance and economics is the most important part of our life. Later they have to work in companies, and HR departments, they will run their own business and they have to manage their own daily life finance.

Many business owners and people suffer in business due to bad finance or money management. Students will learn such things in Excel, so they can survive or grow above survival in business and career. That’s why Excel can help to build strong financial thinking by managing, and performing business and daily life financial calculations.

If students are strong in financial education before completing their academic education then it will be easier for them to get benefits from subjects like math, economics, and accounting in their life. And Microsoft Excel provides those tools and features for everyone.

Teachers have to include Microsoft Excel in mathematical, financial, and economical topics practically. So, students can become stronger, more powerful, and great at money management and spending habits. Such thing if students understand and perform a calculation on their money spending habits, and savings then they can predict and visualize what type of results they will get in the future and what they can do if they are getting bad financial results.

This is about using data and information for predicting the future. And it was happening before Microsoft Excel. But today, Computer education or Microsoft Excel practical education is not optional but a necessity for every student around the world.

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Students can learn how the calculation is performed

We all are seeing data and information in blogs, TV, newspapers, and books in visuals such as charts, graphs, diagrams, and reports. Such as the Indian Gross Domestic Product in which we can find the measurement of how goods and services are produced in the year 2016 – 2017 and what are the results.

Students can practice current Financial happening in India in Microsoft Excel. Similarly, the Government budget for 2017 and 2018. But do all students think about such things before bachelor’s degrees? I don’t think so.

But teaching theories or historical facts in Education has not enabled us to grow faster and become successful business owners at the age of 30. The best method of teaching, I think will be when you include current incidents in education, which are happening in the country.

I am not against any historical facts and figures that are included in the books or study material. But what about what is happening currently? As a student, I want to learn about demonization from the teacher, I want to learn how the inflation rate affects our savings, FD, RD, etc. And I want to learn this from our teachers. Not from news channels. I don’t want to learn about it from marketers. I hope you got my point.

I only mean here, to include current happening in the studies. And using computer or internet technologies in a way that can help us to create a better future for our students. And Microsoft Excel or computer education will speed up the process of development of student’s minds. I can be wrong, but it’s not ok, to be right when you are facing unemployment problems in our country. It means your education policies or processes are the weakest. It’s not the student’s fault, it’s a fault in the brain of policymakers.

It’s really important for schools and colleges to provide an appropriate environment, teaching tools, and learning tools for teachers and students.

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Students can learn how data is visualized

For example, students are watching a cricket match on TV. They can see a vegan wheel of batsmen in which he/she scored 145 runs in 112 balls and in which he/she scored 83 runs on offside and 62 runs onside. Now we can trend our students how to perform the same calculation, and how to visualize the same charts, diagrams, or vegan wheel in Microsoft Excel.

Another example is a bar chart, in which runs scored in each over are highlighted. Big bars for more scored runs and small bars for low-scoring overs. Now students can do that and they can practice their Excel skills to visualize the data they are seeing.

I don’t know but I think the software used to showcase and visualize cricket match data is not Excel might be something else. But the visualization basics are the same. Most of the mathematical data or logical data visualization tools or applications are created after following Microsoft Excel. Financial application on the internet is innovative and the inspiration is Microsoft Excel.

Me, I always try to teach Microsoft Excel with Examples, lessons and features, and functions in a way that creates a direct or indirect connection between students and their careers. I am very much satisfied with my practices. And students learn Microsoft Excel very well. I also include examples from the subject they learning in school or college.

For example, students pursuing B.Com or M.Com know or learned in their studies, how to create demand and supply curves, they learned how to predict the future based on data, and how to calculate net profit. Then I teach the same things practically in Microsoft Excel. And it’s great for them.

Microsoft Excel, Finance, and Economics are my favorite subjects for me. I was not good at math in school and I didn’t study that much. But today, I am realizing that such things are really important in our careers and life. And it is especially important when you’re running or doing any kind of online and offline business.

That’s why, I sometimes force students, to focus, analyze and calculate the cash transaction in visual formats in daily life. And then collect the data and information, and after that analyze the visualizations (charts, diagrams, pivot tables, etc.), and filter that data, so it will create some meaningful information or knowledge.

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I think you got my point, sorry for any mistake or overwording.

In the end, I will say, Microsoft Excel is really a very very important application to teach, to include in classroom lectures and in the education systems and processes.

It’s really important to convert facts into raw data. Then it’s important to filter or formulate that data and create meaningful information. After that, it’s really important to analyze and execute that information for knowledge. And knowledge purifies our minds, habits, culture, society, and country.

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