5 Types of Personal uses of Microsoft Excel at Home


Excel is one of the most productive applications in the Microsoft 365 cloud or older versions. You can use Microsoft Excel for various personal and professional work.

Learning Microsoft Excel is important for students, teachers, business managers or small business owners. We already have written various uses of excel applications. You can find all of the below posts:

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But in this post, we’re fully focused on the personal uses of excel, so let’s begin:

Know these 5 types of personal uses of excel at home

1. Create a personal budget:

You can use Microsoft Excel to manage your personal weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly budgets. You can create a table or you can use a budget template in excel to create a monthly budget.

Creating personal expenses budget in excel will help you to manage, track and be aware of your personal financial liabilities. You can include every expense in excel sheets such as rent, credit card payments, petrol, car loan, and various other home or personal expenses. And this is one of the best and most popular personal use of Microsoft excel.

2. Use to create personal and family holiday planners:

Due to the availability and calculation functionality of rows, and columns(cells) in excel, you can use it to create your personal or family holiday or travel plan.

You can create day by day itinerary in excel with a budget or expenses. Even you can list the contact persons, holidays, sightseeing and various others that are a part of the trip.

Even many travels agency and tour operator companies use Microsoft Excel to manage their client’s travel plan and itinerary. It’s also used to create customers database, inquiries details, and sales.

To create a travel plan you can use travel planner or holiday planner templates if you’re new to excel. But else you can create it on your own.

3. Money management:

Similar to the monthly expenses budget you can also create separate money or income management sheet. The goal of this income or money sheet is to track your income growth, cash flow, and pending payments.

If you’re self-employed or earning from various sources then it’s very important for you to track your progress. Even if you’re getting only a salary, then it’s also important to track and notice the progress.

This sheet will also help you during income tax filing.

In this sheet, you can create a program in which you can track income sources, collection, percentages, savings, and investment planning.

For this, you can use the template in excel and you can also create one for your own as per your needs.

4. Goal setting and planning:

Goals and planning are very important parts of our personal development or life. Almost all have goals and plans. But not all track their progress and are not able to plan effectively.

In Microsoft excel you set up daily, monthly, and yearly goals. You can also list important steps to take each day or month. You can also use it as a monthly calendar and time management tool.

5. Personal database:

This is one of the most unique ideas that I only got while writing this post. Might you have listened to or known about customer databases or website databases or SQL or any other? A database is a place where you can store data automatically or manually and then access it in various applications or queries or through code.

Due to some limitations in excel as a database is used in small data management applications or in data entry work.

But it’s perfect for personal database management. A personal database is your personal management that you can use, track, manage and protect. And you can handover it over to your child or others or even you can collaborate with them or you can also give access to them.

So, you can use excel in your personal life or it’s one of the best personal uses of excel.

In this personal sheet or database or excel file. You can set up your personal contact details, personal IDs, password details, your gold assets, land, FDs, stocks, and various other assets, personal and financial details.

So that after you, someone will not find it difficult to know about you and your assets.

Even if you don’t want to handover, it over to others, it will also help you to find data related to yourself that is needed in various government and private works and services. Such as your passport details, bank account numbers, voting card, Aadhar card etc.

So, most of the personal uses are related to financial work but it’s not limited to only personal financial management in excel. You will find a wide variety of personal use of excel after visiting the new – template option in the excel application. Such as a personal home loan or car loan calculator, family tree generator, wedding planner, wedding budget, monthly grocery list etc.

The best part of using excel in personal and home management is that you can track, store, calculate and visualize each detail. This will help you to reduce the amount of stress that you need to put else on the mathematical calculation. You can print the sheet or table and template or data on paper. That you can use it in the kitchen, at home or in-car as per it’s needed.

So, using excel in my personal life is so much more valuable. I am using it since 2005 or 06 till today. And I just love it to use not only in personal work but also in professional or business work. That’s why I have suggested learning to use Microsoft Excel is one of the most important basic computer skills. There are various ways to learn Microsoft excel.

And if you want to know, then please read this article: How to learn Microsoft Excel the best way possible

While there is no doubt that Excel is a multipurpose financial productivity application. But there is also an alternative to excel these days in the market and mostly looked inspired by excel.

If you don’t have Microsoft Excel 365 or Microsoft 365 here you can learn about it. But if you’re looking for an excel alternative then you can also use Google Sheets. That is free to use.

So, I hope this post helped you to learn the personal uses of excel. If you liked this post, please don’t hesitate to share it wither others.

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