Top 10 Pros and Cons of Using Website Builder Software


Website builder software or website builders created the personal and business website building process fast and easily.

While there are various website builder software, platforms, methods, and tools to create a website. But each website creation tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the latest updates: Build a website to sell products using one of these website builders

It really depends on us which website building method is best suited for us as per the website needs, conditions, and business goals.

The importance of having a website for the business is on its top whether you want to promote business online or want to start an online business such as an eCommerce store. The website provides you the option to sell online from anywhere by using pre-designed or already existing digital marketing technologies.

Websites are created for various reasons. Most websites are created to build a business presence online, get more customers and leads, and promote and sell products online. But the uses of the website are not limited to business promotion, marketing, and eCommerce.

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The website is also created to do the business on its own such as a blog website that is monetized through display advertising and affiliate product links.

In this way, we will get into the following conditions:

  • Personal Website
  • Business Promotion/marketing/Lead Generations.
  • Blog Website + Affiliate Marketing/Display Advertising.
  • ECommerce websites – To promote and sell products online.

Now, all these 4 types of websites can be created by using Website Builder. And create each type of website there are different ways to build any type of website. And one method is a website builder.

But you if use website builders to create one of the above 4 types of websites personal, business, eCommerce, and blog websites then what are the advantages and disadvantages? All of this and more we will cover in this article and it’s a complete confusion-free guide for you to consider:

Top 5 Pros of using website builders:

1. Thousands of templates ready to use: No need to have web design skills:

Thousands of pre-designed templates as per the requirements of the business. If you want to create a personal website, you can just choose a personal website template. If you need an eCommerce website then you can find an eCommerce template. So those who don’t have much knowledge about websites, design, layout, responsive websites or mobile-friendly websites can take the advantage of website templates to create professional websites.

2. No need to learn/write complicated code – Create websites in minutes:

Easy to use drag and drop builder to make changes in the templates and add new elements such as text box, social media box, etc. The advantage of this is that anyone with basic computer skills can use the drag-and-drop builder to create a website.

The cost of using a website builder versus the cost of hiring a web developer is varied. For those who want to create and start a business faster, have good monthly funds to pay, and don’t want to spend too much time managing freelance web developers, and marketers to create and run the business then website builder becomes a good option for them. You just have to pay a few dollars monthly to access all of the features and options to create and run a website and business.

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3. All in One Package – Everything that you need to build a website:

Many website builders provide Domain and Hosting along with website builders. It means all of your website requirements are fully filled by the website builder. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to manage and pay for 2 to 3 platforms separately to create and run your website. Instead by using a website builder, you will get everything with one website package or plan.

By using a website builder to build your business and website you will get various options to sell online, use marketing and SEO tools, and data analysis and you can access various services as per your website builder package. Website builders provide the options to integrate various other marketing, shipping, SEO, data analytics, and technologies to integrate them with the website builder. So, it’s very useful and convenient to use a website builder to operate and run a whole business just from one platform.

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4. Use Free Plan – Able to explore the features before paying:

Website builders provide a free trial and free packages as well to create a website. The benefit of using a free website builder package is that you will get ideas about the tools and requirements that you need to build a website. For example, if you want to build and run your eCommerce website using a free trial package for a few days that will help you to explore the feature, technical support, page builder, drag and drop options, templates, customization options, fonts, images, and various other layout and design tools. So that after the trial version, you will have the idea and knowledge to choose the right website builder and package.

5. Support and Community of service provider:

Most website builders provide template customization options for a website builders or even you can create a completely custom website. The options are easy, but if you need help in theme or template setup, customization, image design, product listing, configuration, and many other small tasks then there are freelance experts on the web or even integrated with a website builder that you can hire to build your website or eCommerce store. In advantages, it brings transparency, speed to building and running, and managing a business.

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Top 5 Cons of Website Builders:

 1. Easy and fast but that does not mean it’s good for professional websites:

Having easy-to-use options and fast methods to create a website in a website builder doesn’t mean it’s good for your business, requirements, budget, and plan. And that’s why it’s never fit to all. Most website builders advertise heavily on marketing and advertising online to get more customers. That’s why when you search and use the web to create a website, you will see website builders all over the place. And that’s why most people choose website builders.

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2. Limited options for growth or when you need to expand business: 

Without any doubt website, builders are effective and useful. But the options are limited to running a website and online eCommerce store. That’s why there are thousands of people searching every month to migrate their websites from one platform to another.

People start with a website builder but later develop their own website. And many have to stick to the website builder plan because they have paid the money upfront without taking the help of website consultants and experts. Now until the subscription does not expire, they don’t move the website to another platform. And those just stated small are unable to grow the business and generate profit by using website builders.

3. No competitive advantage – Features same for All:

The biggest reason or promoting features by website builders is that you get the latest features and options without paying extra.  So many people purchase monthly plans as it’s the default in almost all or almost all website builders charge monthly prices. Just for new and latest features at the same price without paying extra.

But those options and features are not updated just for you or one business, instead they are for all.

So, in that way, you lose the competitive advantages of running a business. Instead, if you have a web developer or if you’re using web development services to build and run your online business then you will get competitive advantages.

It’s because the feature and options you will create or the user experience you update for your customer will not be easily updated or followed by your competitors. And due to that, you will get competitive advantages and your business grows faster than others.

4. Liability and investment in things that you don’t own:

The price is calculated monthly or you have to buy a monthly package to use the website builder and get discounts. But for the premium feature, you have to pay more. Even you have to hire a web developer or website builder expert to make certain changes in the website as per the demand. It means it’s a cost. It’s like paying rent each month to run the business. Then what are the advantages of using the internet for business? While the internet is free.

The technologies used to create website builder software are not different. For example, if any website builder is created by web developers by using JavaScript, Node.Js, HTML, CSS, MongoDB etc. Then you can use the same technologies and use a similar web developer to create your own store. So, it’s very clear.

5. Short-term and quick solution, not best for all types of websites:

The cost of hiring and managing expert web developers is high. But it’s an investment in your business. The platform is for your business to do business. But in the website builder, it’s a liability to pay yearly or monthly to run your business. And if you don’t renew or sometimes you don’t have the money to pay for the renewal then you have to lose everything on that platform. So it’s become your liability to survive or run the business.

Instead, if you have a web developer but are not able to hire them right now, you can start with a small investment and hire the web developer step by step. It means building the business not fast, not easily but slowly but firmly.

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While there are lots of disadvantages of using website builders. But still, there are few website builders that actually running the business of many people online. So website builders are good for those who want to start an online business fast, easy, and have good funds to pay monthly or yearly. And most importantly those who don’t have much knowledge about technical things, websites, and online business.

But those who want to start slow, have good knowledge about the business and technologies and have less money and those who can’t pay monthly or yearly without owning anything and those who have bigger plans and want a strong foundation can use can build a business or eCommerce website on their own or by hiring a web developer.

To start and run an online business or even to build a website. You have to pay money or you can’t make an online business without paying anyone. You have to pay either for the website builder or plugins or for a developer.

But the most important point is that the website builder and website building method is best for you or your business and goals?

If a website builder looks good for you, not in short term or but also good in the long run then choose a website builder to build a website and run your own online business.

But if you think the creation of your own platform by hiring a web developer is much better for you and your business goals then hire a

web developer and start the business.

That’s it!

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