What is a Computer? An Introduction to Computers


A computer is an electronic device in which you can create, collect, store, access, calculate, manipulate, manage, arrange, present, share, transmit and automate data and information with high speed and accuracy.

A computer is a magical machine in the Technology world. Almost in all types of technologies and industries computers is playing the biggest role in daily business, research, innovation, and communication operations. And after artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain technologies computer is now a more powerful and productive machine to operate than ever.

Users can accomplish anything with the use of the computer. You can use it on your own even without learning about it. The 1st of goal computer learners is to get basic computer knowledge. Whether they are a kid, students or professionals. There are various reasons why it is important to learn computer skills. The most important is that it’s a problem-solving machine and it helps to do innovative things. But to be more productive, effective and accurate you can learn basic and advanced computer skills.

The use of the computer in business is the biggest reason behind the billion-dollar technologies, social media, search engine and software development companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook etc. Technology has changed our life and technology changed the way we do business.

There are various uses of computer technology in business. The computer is the reason behind the development of old and new web applications and technologies. Whether it’s Java, C, C++, C# or Python, go Linux, and various others.
Actually, thousands of industries, trades, methods, and companies evolved around the products and services related to computers and the Internet. And all of this started and worked with the use and expansion of computer power.

When new technologies come then computers become more powerful. For example, mobile technologies and apps revolutionized and solve various problems in the world. But it started with the development of mobile hardware and operating system. But the ideas are executed with the use of a computer.

A computer is a powerful machine that is created to solve problems and enhance the creativity of the brain. It’s doing both and even more. It’s making complex and repetitive tasks easy such as the use of accounting software on computers to make it easy and accurate for businesses to manage accounting and financial works.

Computer machines helped to build and invent new technologies such as video conferencing apps. There are thousands plus uses of computers in our daily life and in business. And it’s almost essential and important to use computers in business. 
The computer is a widely used machine. And I think or guess the computer is the most used machine at work and home to solve daily life, career, business, and scientific problems. It is used by kids, students, professionals, leaders, employees, freelancers, seniors, housewives, and almost everyone.

The computer is used in scientific, educational, research, construction, marketing, finance, management, production, medical, banking, robotics, all types of transportation (Air, Water, Land), space centers, satellites and communication channels, energy distribution and security channels and more than that. You can just imagine, and you will find computer use there.

There are various types of computers such as digital computers, analog, and hybrid computers. Personal computers (PC/Laptop), Mini computers, micro-Computer, and supercomputers are examples of digital computers.

The computer works on the basis of input from the user (computer user) and the accuracy of output depends on how correct is the input. To give instructions and commands to the computer you have to use input devices such as a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, mic etc. And to get the output you have to use Monitor, printer, and various other output devices as per the work and operations.

All the instructions and results are processed by the CPU (Central Process Unit) that is inside a computer. CPU is the brain of the computer. The computer cannot take decisions for itself or plug itself into an energy point until it’s not programmed.

To program a computer and operations we have to use computer programming language. After learning programming languages you can create an operating system, application software, web applications, and mobile apps and you can build programs for specific operations. The walking and talking robot is the latest model of computer.

Watch this Video to understand basics of computer in Hindi.

Mainly there are two parts to Computer. One is Software and 2nd is hardware.
Hardware is the physical part of the computer that we can see and touch. It’s part of the computer that is inside and outside of the computer such as a monitor (Led/LCD/CRT), motherboard, hard disk, process, mouse touch screen and keyboard etc.

Software is the internal part of the computer that we can only see and use but can’t touch. Software is a group of programs and these are functions and functions are groups of classes, loops, and methods. The goal behind the new computer software development is to make it easy to use, faster, and more useful than older versions of the existing software.

There are mainly two types of software. System software and application software. System software such as an operating system makes it possible to access, operate and get instructions. Operating system software is like should the computer. Without an operating system whether it’s CUI (Command User Interface) or GUI (Graphical User Interface) computers have no use without operating systems such as Linux, Microsoft Windows 11 (Latest), macOS, Android, and iOS for mobile the most popular operating systems.

The 2nd type of computer software is application software. Application software is created to solve specific business and daily life problems. For example, Microsoft Word is a productivity application that you can use to create, manage and print personal and business documents. Similarly, you can use affinity designer software to create graphics or design business logos.

You will find application software for your specific work. We can categorize computer application software as per their uses, such as business software, accounting software, productivity software such as Microsoft Office, graphic design software, accounting software, video editing software, software development software and many others.

Please read the following posts for more details about the uses of Computer and Technology in various fields: 

Earlier computers replaced various jobs and it’s still replaced day by day. But it’s also created millions of jobs and career fields in Information Technology and non-information technology sectors.

There are various options to build a career in the computer field. You can work as a computer scientist, computer and technology generalist, computer engineer, software engineer, computer teacher, web developer, app developer, digital marketer, copywriter, graphic designer, data analyst, blockchain developer, cloud engineer, server administrator, and many others.


How to teach basic computer skills

You can also start computer-related small and business businesses. Such as Computer/Laptop repair and maintenance service, computer security and data backup service, computer coaching center, computer data typing/editing servicer, and many others.
You can also start a business in software, web development, app development, digital marketing, hosting, website development, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, data storage, security, and in various other computer technologies.

The following posts will help you to learn more about it: 

You can also build computer applications, desktop or mobile applications, and computer games. And with the use of a computer, you can work as a digital nomad or freelancer. You can work from home and you can also work from anywhere with a computer and internet connection.

The scope of jobs, eCommerce, Freelance, and business in the computer field is unlimited. Even you can start a business with basic computer skills such as Microsoft Word document writing and editing + typing and Internet skills. Here you can learn more: How to start an online business applying Microsoft Word Expertise

To become a master in computers you have to learn computers systematically. While you can learn computer skills at home. You have to start with a basic computer syllabus and skills and then move to advanced computer skills. Learning all computer skills is not important. And it’s not possible to learn all types of computer software and hardware and computer and internet-related online business skills. For job and business success you have to master only one or two skills. And for other works, you can hire other specific IT experts. And in the job you don’t have to work on all the things, you will also get a team of other IT experts.

1st you have to learn basic computer skills and after that, you have to become a master in one of two advanced computer skills. It can be then digital marketing, SEO, website development, blockchain or eCommerce business. Learning advanced computer skills quickly and effectively-highly depends on your interest.

Following is the guide to learning computer skills:

Best ways to learn computer skills quickly and accurately

How to plan the right online computer training course to join

How to learn computer skills online at home

Before joining, look at these key things on the online computer course website

Top 5 popular websites to learn computer skills online

Computer input and output mainly depend on the information. Data is a collection of facts that are used to create programs, instructions, and software by using programming languages. Data is the most important thing in Technology. But only meaningful data create useful and productive information. That’s why to process data and information accurately at high speed, we have to use computers or worldwide people and organizations are using computers.

Computers are a really useful and helpful tool for society and people. But along with that, it’s also very important that you can use the computer for good purposes.

These data all of our data and information that reach us or that we send are processed and filtered by computer. But behind each piece of data and information, there is someone or a group of people.

Data storage and security is the biggest and most important thing to consider while using the internet on a computer and mobile. Not all of the data and information is important or safe to use and follow. And not all the profiles and search results are great.

Computers don’t have IQ so you have to be careful while sharing personal data with unknown and strangers online. You have to protect your data from viruses and malware. But with antivirus, you can protect your computer and business operations.

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The computer is a subject that no one can finish its explanation in one or 10 books, but I hope this post helps to get the basic idea of what is a computer and an introduction to computers.

Computer technologies are consistently getting updated and evolving. What was working yesterday will not be in the future and things and needs of users change over time.

But learning and using computers really help not only in small daily works but also in bigger and more complex works. So I think and you will agree that learning computer is most important and almost mandatory for everyone. Even if you’re not interested in computer science, engineering, and technology at least learning basic computer skills is very crucial to stay updated and confident in this technology era.

And you can understand the importance of learning and using computers from the hundreds of technical universities, companies, institutions computer education programs, degrees and diplomas, and new business technologies.

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