Top 8 Most Powerful Uses of Microsoft Excel in daily life


The use of Microsoft Excel in daily life at home and office is to perform the calculation, analysis, and visualization of data and information.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most important workplace applications that help to organize the business system and processes of data and information by the use of columns and rows with formulas.

Microsoft Excel Application is developed and marketed by Microsoft Inc. for Windows, Mac OS, Cloud computing, and Android users.
In the Excel spreadsheet users can do all kinds of mathematical, financial, and logical calculations, data manipulation, data analysis, and visualization of information in quick ways.

Excel is used by students, teachers, job seekers, managers, entrepreneurs, companies, retailers, distributors, freelancers, bloggers, and housewives in their daily lives.

Microsoft Excel’s first version was released 31 years ago on September 30, 1985. Today, the latest version you can download is version 16.0 or Excel 2016.

Commonly people download & buy complete MS Office. Because Microsoft Office Suite includes all official applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Outlook in one complete package.

The Excel spreadsheet is a group of 10,48,576 rows and 16384 columns. Excel is in a table format in which one index is called a CELL. In Excel, there are three worksheets by default. A group of worksheets is called the workbook. Workbooks and electronic spreadsheets are now synonyms of Microsoft Excel.

For a higher level of data calculation and manipulation, the use of the function library in Excel is important to utilize. The function library in Excel contains Financial, Logical, and text filtration formulas that are most important to practice for every Excel learner.

Excel also provides table styles and conditional formatting options for users. That is very beneficial to the visualization of data in colors, based on a condition in the cells.

ExploreHow to learn Microsoft Excel in the best way possible

Microsoft Excel software provides very wide features and functionalities for everyday official work. Let’s understand the various uses of Microsoft Excel features in daily life, based on different types of users around the world.

Top 8 Exceptional Uses of Microsoft Excel

1. Uses of Microsoft Excel in Education: –

Teachers can use table styles, shapes, charts, data tools, and formulas to teach students in the classrooms. Students can learn and solve basic and logical-mathematical problems and statistics in Excel.

Teachers can educate by creating a table in an Excel sheet. They can highlight more interesting cells in colors, emphasize important values, and visualize data using bars and charts.

Below is the basic example 1.0 of data visualization in Microsoft Excel 2010 (Note: data used in this example is not correct it’s just for an educational example.)

Uses of Microsoft excel in education for teachers and students

The above data visualization example is easy to understand and is created by the use of two Excel functions conditional formatting and chart. You can see in the first picture that the literacy rate of countries is highlighted in red color by the use of conditional formatting.

Conditional formatting is used to decorate, and design, and visually appealing data by using data bars, color scales, and icons based on figures. Such as you can see that 99% of the literacy rate cell is filled more than others and 45% of cells are filled with less color than others.

In the charts, you can see China’s data bar is bigger than the others. Charts are used to compare values visually written inside the cell. You can access this option in the Insert menu.

Another use of Excel for teachers is to schedule periods.

period scheduler for teacher in excel

You can insert the above period planner by using the template function in Excel.

As a similar example if you Google then you as a teacher or student can understand the various aspects of Microsoft Excel in Education.

If you don’t want Google then visit the Template menu and select the Education category and you will find out some outstanding pre-defined templates with formulas for various educational purposes. You can see a template picture in point 2 in which I am sharing a little more about templates.

The above example can be used in a Business similar, only need to change the values. The options of Microsoft Excel are the same for all users but it depends on us, how we use a particular option.

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2. Uses of Microsoft Excel in Business: – 

I don’t think the business owner, either a small or big company can be productive and managed without the use of Microsoft Excel.
Microsoft Excel application can be used in various business operations. Such as goal setting, budgeting process, and planning, team management, account management, income, and expenses calculation, product and service valuation, and management of client data, etc. in business.

The use of Microsoft Excel in business makes such daily official operations faster, more accurate, and more predictable. Because Excel provides great features such as filters, charts, conditional formatting and pivot tables, and logical and financial formulas.

Let’s see below the basic account management example 2.0 in Microsoft Excel (Note: This is just for example)

Uses of excel in business example image

In the above example 2.0 you can see the basic income and expenses report month-wise with a quote of the month at the end. In quote column I used this formula: =IF(F6>=400000,”Outstanding”,IF(F6>=300000,”Above Average”, IF(F6>=200000,”Average”,”Below Average”)))

This is just but you can understand that only with the IF formula you can create thousands of types of logic in your business calculation. The above exercise is just created manually not a big deal. But if you want to access the real power of Microsoft Excel in Business operations then visit the template menu.

As you can see in the template picture there are various high-quality templates that business users can use in their business calculations. Such as VAT Invoices, Marketing Campaign trackers, and break-even analyses are very beneficial.

The benefit of using the template in Excel is that you don’t need to create everything from scratch, you only need to select or search and then download it. After that, you can edit the downloaded template according to your choice. This is that simple!

Microsoft excel template for business

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3. Uses of Microsoft Excel in Goal Setting and Planning: –

Goal setting and planning a tasks that we do repeatedly each day. Goal setting and planning are very important for everyone from students to business owners. Goal setting and planning take a white paper, time, and lots of calculation but if you use Excel then it becomes very easy and environmentally friendly.

Example 3.0

planning and goal setting in Microsoft Excel

In this example, you can see that it’s very easy to design the complete financial plan and goals by using formulas, raw, and columns.

Example 3.1

uses of excel in goal setting

You can see in example 3.1 that it’s easy to track goals and plan each day on Excel.

4. Uses of Microsoft Excel for Business Owners: –

Online business owners or offline can use Excel to manage their daily life work. Such as work progress, team management, payout details, and business progress. Such as if you want to track your marketing campaign progress then go to the file-new- template and search for a marketing campaign and you will be amazed by seeing pre-designed and formulated cells.

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5. Uses of Microsoft Excel for Housewives: – 

Housewives can use Excel to manage their daily house expenses. They can create monthly expense reports. They can track their spending habits. Also if housewives learn Excel then it’s also beneficial for them to teach kids basic Excel skills.

It is because many computer teachers are unable (due to various reasons) to teach all Excel skills practically to students in schools.

The use of Excel for housewives is also helpful if they are doing business or jobs or looking for part-time work. There are various online and offline jobs and projects that they can do from home by learning and using Excel.

6. Uses of Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis: –

Data analysis is very important to work today for an online business or website owner (eCommerce, blog, forums, etc.). Such as tracking website visitors, product sales, customer reviews, marketing campaigns, user behavior, and events Such work is very time and brain-consuming especially when things are not going according to plan.

Microsoft Excel application provides great benefits for online business owners and customers. Filtering users’ data by country, filtering users by age, adding conditional formulas in big data, etc. are common daily tasks that can be handled smartly in Excel.

7. Uses of Excel in the Daily Progress Report: –

Many online and offline companies and clients make it mandatory for virtual and offline staff to maintain their daily progress reports. It is not only beneficial for employees but also for companies to track daily progress reports.

You can create a table with Date, Time, Client, Task, Duration, and status according to demand from clients or managers.

Also, the daily progress report is very beneficial for students and teachers. But all starts with learning and execution. As you know the computer is a magical device that we’re using in daily life. Routinely there are various uses of computers in our life but all depend on how much you’re interested in learning.

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8. Uses of Excel in Career Development: –

When you learn to excel, you learn the management of daily life. In daily life, there are various things that need to be calculated. Why? Because we’re doing multiple works in daily routine. Shopping, learning, entertainment, and expenses are all small things that need to manage.

If you’re a student then it is very important for you to learn Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel knowledge will help you to get a job. As I discussed above there are almost all small and medium businesses use Excel in their daily official work.

If you’re writing about computer skills in the resume then make sure that you know about Excel and Microsoft Office and Internet research and highlight such skills.

Career Development is more about career management. Time management, learning management, work, and life management, and goal-oriented habits are very important. Such things you can learn in Excel. When you create your college expenses report then at the end of the month you can analyze where you’re spending more money.

Also if you’re doing learning or doing online courses then you can use Excel to track knowledge. Such as if you learned today about Conditional formatting then create a table with Date, Topic, and Satisfaction levels. This is very beneficial because then you can understand your daily learning outcomes and the effects of knowledge on you.

For example, if you’re learning digital marketing but you’re not tracking and creating notes in one line conclusion then it’s tough to implement that knowledge later. I mean for example today you learned about PPC and CTR and then it’s really important that you can write in your diary or in Excel about it in the conclusion or in summary.

Such kind of learning management is very important. Because it happens to me often when we learn something on the internet or on blogs because of different conclusions and we often forget about the main points.

For example, if I telling you to learn English typing then it’s just a piece of advice or suggestion but if I am telling you that learning English Typing by using basic typing lessons such as ASDF; LKJ etc. then it is really important for you to note it down and practice.

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How to use and learn Microsoft Excel for personal benefits

The 1st method is that define what you want, before googling. For example, if you want to create a monthly expenses report in Excel then type this same line in Google and you will get tutorials. Follow the steps and you will do it.

2nd method is you can take an online course and that will be more beneficial. Because then you can learn everything stepwise.

3rd method is to take admission to a computer institute and join offline classes in basic computer or Excel basics.

Conclusions: – The more you learn about Excel the more you develop the ways to use Excel in your daily life. I am still learning, why you don’t learn? It’s better to spend time learning than doing likes on unnecessary things. Understand your duty as a student because learning is more important for you than entertainment in life.

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  1. I would like to learn to use Excel in my everyday life. I love to shop online and I think me using Excel and being to see what I bought and how much I much I spent would really control my spending habits. I would also like to have one set up for all my bills so that I can see how much I spend monthly and where I could improve.

    • Agree and it’s a great use of Excel to create and track daily living expenses with the help of charts and diagrams. Even we can create various formulas such as when to spend or when not as per the logic.

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