How to be disciplined so that you can continue to grow


Discipline is the rules and regulations to follow for the successful completion of a particular task or project. Discipline keeps the individual and the group serious, professional, and focused on the goal. Discipline in life and work is like the rudder of a boat. Which prevents the boat from going out of control and losing direction.

Without discipline, it is very difficult to get a good education, learn new skills, educate others, grow a business, and earn more money. Discipline increases focus, positivity, and productivity, brings consistency and momentum in efforts, and helps to do more things in less time. Read MoreImportance of Discipline in School for Students

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a businessman or a leader, you will always find yourself struggling in life if you are not disciplined. You can look at the successful leaders, managers, companies, and individuals you will see that all of them are disciplined and have a set of rules.

A person without his own rules, regulations, and principles can be easily distracted. And a distracted person never be able to achieve his/her goals in life. That’s why it’s important to become and stay disciplined especially if you have big dreams and goals.

How to stay disciplined?

Staying disciplined is very hard but not impossible. The person who can help you to stay disciplined is only you. The 1st thing is that you have to think on your own about why discipline is important for you. And how if you’re disciplined helps you to achieve your goals.  You have to understand, analyze and get agreement on this. And then you have to start setting and following the rules and regulations.

Following are some of the examples that will help you to create rules and regulations for yourself.

1. Get up early in the morning: Everyone knows that getting up early in the morning is beneficial for health. But only those who are serious about their health get up early in the morning and walk. But some people are more serious about this time that life and health insurance policy is more important. Even some of them are comfortable buying new weight loss medicine each month instead of getting up early. Now you can understand which of them is more sensible. If you want to discipline yourself, then stop looking at others. Do what is prudently right for you.

Discipline is very hard as I told you. But you start following day by day then sooner it becomes your habit. And good habits bring success and happiness in life.

2. Get more viewers and subscribers: You must know such a person who is more worried about the fact that his videos do not go viral, do not get more views, and do not increase subscribers.

Do you know why this is happening to him?

Yes, you are right. Instead of creating and uploading new and useful videos continuously he is wasting his time in finding the idea that how to make viral videos. Puts on videos occasionally.

When this person will be continuously focused on making good videos and helping people. When he does new things in business by doing new online courses, and reading books, he will have new ideas and information. And thus there will be novelty and attraction in his video topics. Read MoreEmpowering Yourself: The Art of Learning Something New Every Day

But there will be a pain in doing new things, there will be pain in learning new things. But with discipline, this person will work according to his plan every day, then a time will come when his every new video will go viral.

3. Learning to code: Learning to code is not as difficult as many people think. For this, it is not necessary that you are good in Maths or whether you have computer science or not.

To learn anything, it is very important to have continuity, passion, and faith in yourself.

But where does all this come from?

It all comes from discipline.

For example, many people think of learning coding. But very few people are able to take out 2 hours a day from their 24 hours to learn to code. And doing this continuously for 2 hours every day for at least 1 year is not in everyone’s capability. Read MoreCreative Tips to make the coding learning process easy

This is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful man. A successful man constantly tries to do what an unsuccessful man cannot do.

Ways to create rules and regulations to become disciplined:

Time Table – As a student time table for studying one or more subjects is very effective. This helps students to build learning habits. And each subject is covered effectively in a particular period without getting boring. This method is also used in schools and colleges to teach students. When you start following the timetable you become disciplined. Read More: Time management strategies for college students

To-do list – Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks list is very effective for managers and executives to manage businesses and teams. This help in schedule and switching to tasks and project each day. When you start working on the to-do list each day you become disciplined. Read More: How to get more done in a day while working on the computer

Project Goals – Key Performance Indicator: When you’re leading a project and managing the managers it’s very important that each time of the work day is focused not just on the time, people, communication, research, and efforts but more on the final results.

What I mean is that we don’t have to care and focus on how hard we’re trying or communicating or how much is enough or not. Instead, our focus should have we performed best as per our capabilities.

For example, we need 20 new clients in this month. This is the goal. But have we done 10 calls this week?

This formula says that no matter whether you work 2 hours or 10 hours or 5 hours at night or day, you want performance.

Your key performance indicator can be like this:

  • You have written 1 blog post and sent it for editing and publishing.
  • You recorded 1 video and sent it for editing.
  • You have completed the 20% Python course syllabus.
  • You called for 10 clients.

It can be different as per business and your job roles. It’s your main work. It’s the process. It’s a wheel of a truck. A truck will move when the tire moves. Your goal is to make sure that the tire is moving and that you did everything that is important to keep that moving.

Do you want to stay disciplined, but get distracted?

I will surely write at least one separate post on this. But here are quick solutions to get focus and avoid distractions.

  • Do not pay attention to success shortcuts.
  • When something such as a video clip or any object or talk trying to influence you then stop for a second and observe. Think, is it important for you to watch. Is the value of your time as poor as the person who created this content?
  • Stop chasing people and the crow. Do what is important for you and don’t get emotional on others’ talk.
  • Take pride in the work you do.
  • Think of today, think of now. Today’s and now’s time is more precious.

Read More: Distracted? Top 10 tips to boost your focus while studying

Quickest action you must do right now or test to become disciplined:

  • Set at least the next 1 hour to do your most important work. Or the work that you’re procrastinating on for the last week or month. If you do it you will find how easy and interesting it was.

If done that it’s great. It means you’re serious about success. But it’s just a test. The actual beginning is when you start your next work day.

To start the work day with momentum, confidence, and motivation then just spend 5 minutes alone and think about what can be possible. What else you can try today? What you must do today that will bring you closer to your goals.

Just start with at least 2 most important things. Once that is finished. Take a break and repeat the process. What I can do in these remaining work hours to achieve my goals?

To stay disciplined, repeatedly ask yourself the following questions:

  • What should I do now to achieve my goals?
  • Am I doing the work right now that will make my dreams come true?
  • What am I watching on YouTube that will enhance my knowledge and skills?
  • Am I using my time right now?

Even if you’re confused, what are you doing to solve the confusion?

So, I hope you have understood from the above examples how you can discipline yourself.

In conclusion, my point is that set work, communication, and business rules for yourself. No matter what type of goals you’re trying to achieve in business and study. The plan to achieve that must be formulated with discipline and rules.

  • It can be to get up early in the morning and learn programming for 2 hours.
  • It can be written a blog post each week.
  • It can be to upload 1 video tutorial each week.
  • It can be to call at least 10 clients each day.

Whether you achieve success or failure, never stop following good and necessary habits.

So, discipline is the way of doing things that are important to do. It can be painful and hard. But you have to stay committed. Start by following 1 or 2 work rules in the beginning. And then bring a new one. Within a few months, all these rules and regulations will become your habits. And habits will make you successful. And as long as you’re following the rule of the game you will always have the opportunity to win.

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