What is Output Device in Computer? Creative explanations of Output


In which computer device we get the results of our instruction (input) is called output device. Monitor (CRT, LCD, LED) Printer, plotter, speaker, etc. are commonly used examples of Output devices in a computer.

In other words, the output is the meaningful data and information that is processed by the CPU after our raw data inputs.

In programming, when we compile a group of instructions (programming code) through main methods the results we get are also output.

While that output is generated by the compiler and displayed by the visual display unit.

Similarly, when you draw a line in a paint program (pre-installed windows program) and watch it on the screen. Then in this scenario, input is our every click (drawn lines) and the mouse is an input device. And the output we see in software on the screen(monitor). That’s why a monitor is called an output device.

In simple words, the device that we use to give instructions to the computer is called an input device. And in which device we use to get the results of our instructions(input) is called output devices. This is the simplest method to define the difference between input and output devices.

For example, in a human body, the ear is an input device. Listening means getting inputs. And when we react to that input through the mouth (speaking) then the mouth is the output device and speaking is the output.

In our daily life, input is our efforts and results are our success or failure.

In agricultural land, seeding is input and crops are output.

When you search for something on a search engine then it’s user input. And the results that you see, are the output provided by a search engine.

Both input and output are processed by the CPU. But in this whole process RAM, Storage devices, and various other components of the motherboard are also used. And all of that works because of the operating system.

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