20 small but important things to know to build a good website


1. Book shorter, memorable, easy to spell, and unique names and try to avoid more generic words or trademarks. If you already running a business with the name then try to find that name.

2. Having a .COM domain extension is not mandatory. You can buy .expert .shop .designer and with any type of extension that suits your business best. Websites and businesses become popular and successful not because of the domain but because of their content, products, and services.

3. For a small WordPress business website, you can buy Bluehost hosting. And if you want to build a large WordPress website such as an eCommerce, magazine blog, or directory website then buy scalable WordPress hosting.

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4. Website is not marketing, but it’s a part of marketing. Having a website is not enough to promote business online. You have to optimize and need to get traffic to your website. It means you have to market and promote your business offline and online as well.

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5. If you’re creating a website for an online or offline business then it’s important to create a marketing plan and strategy before you hire web developers/designers or buy domain and hosting. So that you can buy good domain hosting, choose the right website building platform, and hire the right candidate to build your website.

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6. Only use website builder if you want to build a small business website and want an all-in-one website building and management solution.

7. WordPress is a great content management system. You can use it for free, you can use free themes and plugins but for advanced functionalities, you have to buy a paid subscription.

8. Optimize your website with relevant keywords that target primary and secondary audiences, make a website load faster, be responsive, and use shorter URLs but catchy titles.

9. Learn the basics of website building, web design, and online marketing on your own even if you’re planning to hire someone to build your business website. Learning will help you to understand how websites and online marketing work. This will help you to create and execute business strategies and you can also communicate effectively with web developers and content creators.

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10. For blog websites, a self-hosted WordPress website is the best solution. Read more: 11 most important steps for building a self-hosted eCommerce website

11. Those who want to sell physical and digital products online but don’t want to use WordPress then they can use the Squarespace website builder. Even those who know WordPress but want to reduce the cost of running a store in long run can also use Squarespace.

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12. Building a website is not a one-time project. You have to constantly have to plan and work on it to grow your business.

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13. Along with home, services, and product pages also try to build special landing pages for sales funnels to generate more leads and inquiries.

14. Those who want to build a career in website building or want to start a web development business must learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python, Node, and PHP for the back end. Read more: How to learn website building (Top 3 Ways of Website Building)

15. Website building platforms, website builders, and WordPress all of these have their own limitations. But only HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and programming languages have unlimited opportunities in website building and freedom to execute creativity.

16. A decade ago, you have to book the domain and hosting from two separate companies. But these days you can book a domain name with the hosting companies as well. Almost all hosting companies provide free domain for 1 year in their starter plans.

The benefit of booking a domain and hosting with one company is that you don’t have to change customized nameservers, nor have to pay extra for a domain and have fewer things to manage.

17. SSL is a very important factor behind the website’s rank in search engines and branding. If didn’t get it free with hosting or domain package then you can use basic free SSL and CDN services provided by Cloudflare.

18. When creating a website design and content then don’t try to copy the competitors. Most businesses try to copy the website design ideas as per their competitors or known websites. This is not a good approach if you want to take your business to new heights and want to get free organic traffic from search engines.

A website is a communication channel between potential customers and businesses. It needs to be as easy as simple so that website design and content engage the visitors.

You can present your business details differently than your competitors. You just have to communicate your uniqueness in products, services, and business.

19. You can start learning to build a website on your own using WordPress. This will save the cost and increase your knowledge. While you can search and use the available information on the web regarding website development in WordPress. But if you get stuck on something you can take the help of experts. You can hire freelance web developers online as well. And in this way, you only have to pay for the work that you can’t do on your own.

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20. No website and business are perfect when it starts. Day by day you can improve the design, content, and traffic to your website. But for that, you also need patience and a good plan. That’s why it’s important to start with whatever you have and whatever you can do right now, and along the way, you can make changes as per learning and data analysis.

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