Discover the Top 4 Benefits of Using Website Builders


Website builder: A website builder is application software that is used to create any type of personal, business, blog, eCommerce or online store website.

Mainly behind any website building application, there are companies or a group of web developers/marketers/investors.

These web development or IT companies or Website building service companies provide various types of website creation services through website builders.

Many modern website builders follow SaaS (Software as A Service) based cloud computing business/revenue model. You don’t buy this website-building software, instead, you buy their monthly or yearly subscription plan to create, run and scale your business website.

4 Key Benefits of Using Website Builders to Create Websites:

1. Easy and fast:

These days people want to start online businesses on their own. Most of them have basic computer, internet, and website knowledge. So, they want to build their website easily, professionally, faster, and with little or no cost. So, they try Website builders.

If you want to create a personal, blog, business, lead generation, and eCommerce website faster, and easily, without hiring a web developer or designer, and want to manage everything related to your website through a single platform then you can also use Website builder. There are different ways to build a website and Website builder software is one of them.

2. Less complexity more productivity:

Building a website manually takes time or even if you hire someone to build your website then it will also take time. But through a website builder, everything is set up and ready to use within a few minutes. Domain, Hosting, Templates/Themes, images, videos, and branding services are already build-in or integrated into the website builder. You just have to select options and use drag-drop elements to create your website.

And tutorials and manuals for using website builders are also provided the inside the website builder. And if you really need an expert even to create a website or certain unique functionality in your website while using website builder, then you will also get the details of service providers inside the website builder. So website builder is an all-in-one solution for small businesses to build their website and they have to manage one thing and have to pay to use a single platform.

 3. No coding or web design skills are required to build your website:

It was not easy and quick to build a website without learning and using website-building technologies. It was important to learn minimum HTML, CSS. And JavaScript to make interactive or dynamic functionality. Programming is an important skill to learn. But it times needs time. And even if you hire someone to build a website then it cost more. And also, difficult to manage the developer, graphic designer, marketers, copywriters, etc. But with a website builder, it’s just as easy as you create a document in Microsoft Word.

In website builder, you will get plenty of options to create a website without coding skills. You will ready domain name ideas, logo design options, branding materials, Integrated marketing & advertising platforms, Built-in payment services and integrated shipping platform, video content, product catalog, cards, packages, coupons and offers, and many other features that are not possible to provide at the price of a website builder by any website development company.

And that’s why website building is a more popular method to build a website.

4. Website builder companies invest heavily in marketing and advertising:

There are various uses of websites in business. Website is important for students, celebrities, professionals, businesses and offline stores, and companies. But it’s more important to start any type of online business. And it’s also important to promote software and apps and create landing pages for downloads and bookings. So, the demand for website design, and website building is unlimited.

That’s why website-building companies invest heavily in online advertising, TV Advertising. They promote their services through content marketing and also have a higher affiliate commission for affiliate marketers.

That’s why website builders have become popular and 1st choice to build a website for small business owners.

But if something is popular, trending, recommended by thousands, easy and fast then it doesn’t mean it’s good. Especially until you haven’t tested it.

Website builders a good option for small business owners, branding and marketing, and those who want to build a website fast, easy, and without hiring anyone.

But still, you need to hire website builder experts to scale and grow your eCommerce or business website.

There are different ways to build any type of website. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, before you try to use a website builder it’s important to read and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using a website builder to build your website.

Impact of website builders on Website development or web design services provider:

Technology has changed our life. And the internet has changed the way we do business. Some get advantages and get negative impacts. Website builder technologies negatively impacted the website development and design services business. The work that was done by 100000+ people worldwide, is now done by a few websites building software automatically. And also, the money that 100000+ website designers or developers were earning worldwide is now earned by a few companies. This is part of Innovation and technology.

Is still you need to hire web developers and designers?

For a simple or even eCommerce website, I don’t think anyone needs the help of website designers and developers. It’s because everything is automatic through website builders.

But yes! Website designers and developers are required when someone gets a problem with their website. It means website troubleshooting services are the area to survive and grow for web development freelancers or companies.

Will website-building software replace web development services?

Never. It’s because those who need unique, interactive, dynamic, fully owned, self-hosted, websites and applications need to hire web developers.

Website is one thing. But for a dynamic website application or a web application like website builder businesses have to hire web developers.

So, website builders or AI never will be able to replace web developers. Especially those who are up to date with technology and updating their skills.

Will I hire a web developer or use a website builder?

It’s a matter of discussion and I need to know about website goals and requirements to give your personal advice. But to solve your confusion, I have written a few guides on this, you can visit the following links to read and learn about them:

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So, I hope this guide and answers on Website builder will be helpful for you. I hope you got a good knowledge of website builders. If you like the post, don’t hesitate to share it with others.


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