Is Wix a good website builder software to build website?


Wix Website Builder: Wix is one of the most popular website builders for small businesses. In which you can create a business, blog, landing page, personal and eCommerce websites. With Wix website builder you can create responsively, feature-rich, search engine friendly, professional, customizable, and faster websites.

It’s a complete online business solution for those who want the easy and fastest website creation solution.

You can use Wix to start selling online various products such as facemasks, furniture, beauty items, clothes, board games, mobile and laptop skins, kitchen items, bottles, and anything that you want to sell nationwide from a small town and village.

With Wix, you can build a super clean, responsive, mobile-friendly, and modern eCommerce website by using 100’s templates. You can also edit templates and you can change the layout, colors, and images, and add new content, social media links just by using a simple drag-and-drop builder. You can also create your own page structure as per the demand and your marketing strategy.

You can also create attractive landing pages to generate more leads and conversions from your online advertising campaigns.

You can integrate various services with the Wix website by using the Wix app store.

Wix eCommerce website builder all in one solution for small business to build their online store. The best part of Wix website builder is its drag-and-drop website building option which is good for those who don’t have much website design or coding skills.

Wix is an all-in-one solution to build, run and grow a business, blog, personal, landing page, and eCommerce website. Behind the Wix website builder, there is an Israeli company called Wix.Com Ltd. it was founded in 2006 and it’s indexed in the NASDAQ.

According to the Wix website, 200 million users are using the Wix website builder. It’s really a great number. The web development services provided by Wix through Wix website builder are so successful that’s why it’s generating $100+ Cores revenue with 5000+ employees according to Wikipedia.

The common feature and things that we expect in any Website Builder are the following:

1. Easy to use:

Easy to use feature, menus, and drag-drop website builder, so that anyone with a basic or little computer or internet knowledge can create a website. In terms of this Wix is a good website builder, in which you can create a website easily and effectively.

2. The fastest method to create a Website without coding skills:

We expect that website builders run smoothly and fast so that while using drag and drop options while using and customizing templates and while adding or integrating third-party apps builders work fast so that in less time and complexity users will be able to build personal, and business or eCommerce website effectively and efficiently.

In terms of that, Wix has not great but good speed. And it also depends on the user’s internet connection speed as well.

 3. Customization and Automation:

Pre-designed templates are great. But not all want to use the same templates in a website builder to build a website. If someone wants to provide unique touch and design for the elements, website section, and even functionality through apps and plugins, then it’s easy for them to do it. And Wix provides various customization options, payment integration methods, rewards, coupons, popups, banners etc.

 4. Website SEO, Traffic, and Sales Tracking System:

SEO is critical for the success of any type of website and business. It’s because organic and free traffic from search engines is important to reduce business costs on advertising.

It’s important that website builders provide good SEO and customization options such as title, URL, tags, meta tags, sitemap.xml, roboto.txt, and structured data.

With Wix, you can use all of these SEO features that will index your website to Google and Bing and also help to use tags, meta descriptions, and also full control over how you want to display and rank your website on the search results.

 5. Reliable and Good Technical Support:

Not all build a business or personal websites for short-term gain. Everyone wants to make their website successful and wants to get benefited from that continuously. So, each website owner or user wants a reliable source along with technical support so that they can focus on business more than the technicalities of the website.

In terms of that Wix is a Good Website Builder, where you will have 24/7 Support, Various Wix Website Builder Service Providers. You can also see the success of Wix Website Owners and Samples of the Wix Website. Here you can see examples of eCommerce store websites created with Wix

And the Wix app market you will get plenty of options to automate, run and grow your online or website business smoothly and effectively.

Wix is Good because it provides the options that are required to build and run any type of Website easily, faster, and effectively.

But what really good that makes Wix one of the best website builders:

  • You can start with a free trial. If you don’t like it and you can move to another website-building platform. But if you like it then you can upgrade to a premium plan.
  • You can create almost all types of websites. But best for niche websites or specific online store websites. Such as profile/Portfolio Websites, and beauty products such as nail polish stores or websites.
  • Variety of payment options and secure checkout options.
  • Domain, Hosting, Website Templates, SEO, social media, Email Marketing, and Advertising platform all in one place.
  • Interactive dashboard to track the inventory, product orders, delivery, and product analysis.
  • Sell and promote your business anywhere on the web by using a Mobile/Tablet or Laptop. It means you can also use and edit and your Wix website on mobile phones as well through the Wix app.
  • Live Chat Option. You can chat live with website visitors. It will help you to convert website visitors into sales and leads.
  • You can write and publish blog posts to educate your customers/target options that will help you to attract more visitors from search engines to your website
  • You can take payments, manage your inventory, and upload as many product/video/content images, and through special discounts and popups, you will be able to boost your sales.
  • On Wix not only you will get tools to build your personal or business or eCommerce website but you will also get knowledge and various types from Wix Blog that will help you to run and grow your online business.
  • You can also generate a domain name; you can buy a custom domain and you can also integrate a domain into Wix that you have purchased on another registrar. And you can also design your website/business logo with a Wix logo maker as well.

All of these interactive Wix website builder features and options will save time, money and increase productivity. And this will be very helpful to start, run and grow your online business. But along with Wix’s pros, there are cons as well. But cons existed in every website building method whether it WordPress, web development or website builder.

So one thing we need to accept without a doubt is that Wix is a really great and very powerful cloud-based website builder for small businesses.

The features to build a website and benefits using Wix are unlimited and along with good subscription-based pricing plans. And features are also interactive and updated regularly. Considering Wix as a website builder is a good option for business, eCommerce, and as well as for personal and landing page websites.

And if you need help in designing and customizing your website, then there are various Wix Website Building services providers that you can hire from the Wix website or through another freelance platform. So Wix is a great source to start selling online, for starting an online business, and making money online.

While there are different ways to build a website and also the alternative to Wix.

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