20 Ways to optimize your computer’s performance


To use or operate a virus-infected, slow, and low-performing computer or laptop wastes lots of time, data, and peace of mind. That’s why it’s important to learn to clean your computer step by step in this guide.

Also find the best tips to improve and increase the speed, performance, and life of your computer and laptop. This guide helps to understand why cleaning is important, why and how to clean your computer, and what are the best practices to maintain and manage your computer as simple and easiest as possible.

So, let’s start:

1. Use Disk Clean up:

Disk Cleanup is one of the best by default installed programs in Windows 11, Windows 10, and older versions. Disk cleanup is used to free up space on windows and hard disk drives such as C drive where most of the windows, application programs, and files are installed and stored.

  • Type disk cleanup in the search bar (option) in the taskbar to open this program.

When you open the program, you will get the option to select the drive that you want to clean. In most of the cases by default windows, the drive is C. And you can also see the windows icon along with that. But if in any case, the window is installed on another drive, then select that drive. As you can see in the pic below:


  • Click OK

After you click on Ok, disk cleanup will automatically calculate the space that you can free in drive C. As you can see in the pic below.

Now checkmark all the boxes (select the option that you want to clean). Most of the time it’s ok to select all. It will automatically clean and delete all the unnecessary files. And you can see that there is 1.66 GB of space that is consumed by the files or data that I don’t need.

But make sure that you have moved your download folder downloaded files to drive D and there is nothing that you want to restore from the recycle bin. So that you will not lose your important data.

So now when you click ok, it will automatically delete or clean downloaded program files, temporary files, recycle bin data, and thumbnails.

You can also clean up system files. But just don’t do it if you’re not getting an error other than slow speed or lack of disk space.

So now click on OK

You will get the message. It means the computer asking you, do you want to delete these selected files (options) permanently?

Click on – Delete Files

After that, you will see the deletion process as you can see in the pic below. Now your C drive is cleaned.

The benefits of using the windows by default disk cleanup program are that it will delete all the unnecessary or unused files from your C drive or hard drives that you’re not using.

It’s very important to clean temporary files from the computer regularly because these files not only a burden on the hard disk or SSD but these files also slow down your computer or laptop processing speed. And in any case, your computer gets infected by a virus, then the virus will hit and utilize these temporary files to make your computer slow, change the functionalities and infect faster or spread in all the programs.

That’s why it’s important that you clean up disk drives once a week.

2. Remove Temporary and junk files:

Now the cleaning of the computer is not yet finished. Now you have to type the %temp% command in the search option in the taskbar and then press enter.

You can also see this in the pic above.

Now you can use this option to remove temporary files that are created while you have installed/updated/use the software, programs, and windows services.

Now press Ctrl + A (To select All) and Press Delete in Keyboard (To Delete the temporary files)

It’s possible that some folders or files will not be deleted. But you can delete them one by one. And it’s also possible that some of these folders are in the use currently. To delete these remaining folders, you can also run your computer in safe mode.

3. Free up Space in C drive by uninstalling unwanted software’s:

If there are lots of software and games are installed on your computer that is not in use or you’re not using or you don’t need to use them in the future, then you can uninstall these programs. But if you don’t have the setup of these programs, then you can also take a backup before uninstalling.

To uninstall, search Apps and Features on the taskbar search option.

After that select the game or application. And click on uninstall.

In the apps and features option, you will get complete details about the application or software such as publisher, space consumed, installed drive. And you can also use a filter to see which program is installed in which drive.

The benefits of doing this are that you will be able to free up space in your drive C. As you know that most of the programs or applications are installed in the C drive. Due to the default installation path.

Due to the free space, your hard disk or SSD performs the storage, copy/paste, and move and opening task faster.

It will also help you to get space in drive C to install new programs.

4. Install and download only genuine software from the internet:

It looks easy and convinced to download any type of software from the internet and install it on the PC and laptop. While in Windows 10 or Windows 11 firewall warns the computer user before installing the software. To install it or not. It is simple words, it means to check the publisher, website, and software before you install that.

It’s also possible that along with these free software or utility software, you download the virus into your computer. And it will damage and infect your computer.

And most of the free software copies of premium software are pirated.  And it’s not good to use the pirated version of the software, games.

And when you visit these free software download websites or when you download the software then along with the software, there are many programs that will be downloaded automatically. Not only that when you installed but they will also be installed first or installed in the background.

These free software or hidden software change the functionality of your computer, google, or any other browser and you will get various different things that you will see the first time.

And as a result of downloading and installation of software from an unknown publisher or non-genuine websites or pirated versions, you will not only waste your time and peace of mind, but it will also infect your computer and laptop. That will be more costly in the long run than buying genuine software.

So, if you want to run your pc faster, avoid the virus and want to boost the performance, and want to remain clean, and want to increase its value then only download software, files from a genuine website and don’t use or install pirated version and don’t’ install software from an unknown publisher.

 5. Clean the Ram, CPU Fan, and Dust:

The 2nd part of the computer is its hardware. And it’s important to clean it often once a year or after 6 months to increase the life of its components.

Due to the dust in the CPU Fan, Heat Sink, and carbon on the ram connector your pc will not perform at its highest level. When a CPU or heat sink fan runs slowly then it will overheat the CPU and other nearby components.

It also creates pressure on the power supply (SMPS – Switched-mode Power Supply). And your computer gets restarts after an hour or 2 frequently.

So even before start getting the problems, you can try to clean the dust carefully from your computer.

You can also watch the following video to do that:

6. Turn on Windows Firewall:

Windows firewall is the most important and basic security wall for your computer and laptop. By default, it is turned on in Microsoft Windows. It helps computer users to browse the web safely, secure the device, protect more viruses, malware and identify and identify while using the internet for various things and downloading or installing the software from an unknown publisher.

If you want your to be clean from virus and malware-free and want to boost the performance and speed then you never turned it off. It will block all the unidentified connections, networks, and inputs. But in some cases, when a certain application or program or method is not working, then you can turn it off for a testing purpose, but after that turn it on again.

7. Update Window current version to the latest version or Operating System:

For example, you are using Windows 10 but when Windows 11 open available to download, install or upgrade then you must do that as well.

New viruses and malware are generated each day. They come in computer from various forms such as while using pen drive, installing pirated software from the web, and visiting the websites that contain the virus.

So, in that case, it’s important that your operating system is up to date. And you have installed or updated all the major security updates as well as system files.

When your windows computer or laptop is up to date then it will prevent, block, and save your data from new threats, viruses, and malware. And it’s one of the best basic practices to secure and maintain your computer or laptop effectively.

8. Remove the unnecessary icons and folders from the desktop screen:

Icons are small visual graphics. Each icon and folder on the computer use memory and graphics power. In that case, if your desktop contains too many folders or icons then it’s a burden on your windows refresh rate. It also slows down the performance.

Not only that it will also become difficult for you to find a folder or application icon when you need to find it fast.

So that’s why to clean your computer and improve the performance it’s very important that you organize your desktop files and folder for the best performance of your computer. And if those shortcut icons (Along with the arrow sign) are not necessary then remove them.

9. Disable the windows startup application to run automatically:

Many programs run and start along with windows such as chat programs, antivirus, social media notification, applications auto-updates. If your computer is running slow then you must disable them. And when important you can open or start them again.

In windows 10, open the task manager and then click on the Startup menu and you will see that there are many programs that are enabled to start with windows. Right-click on that program you want to disable. And after this, when you restart your computer, your windows or operating system runs faster.

10. Use genuine companies’ hardware and accessories:

It’s important to buy computer peripherals, accessories and various other things more genuine seller or manufacturers. Never buy something only because it’s cheap but make sure that it’s good and genuine.

When you buy these items such as pen drives, a camera, USB cables, a web camera, external hard drives, etc. it’s important that they are compatible to use in Windows and Mac, and all the drivers are installed automatically or through mini CD. Not only that it’s important they get plugged effectively without losing points or broken edges.

11. Make a separate user account for kids to use your computer or Laptop:

Kids are creative and it’s tough to control them while you’re working on the Laptop and computer. Especially if they are small. In that case, they get attracted to use the computer and laptop while you’re working. And even they force you to open the paint program or let them type a few letters or words.

Don’t stop them. Instead, create a separate user account for the kids. And protect your account with a password.

The benefits of doing this are that your data, programs, and files will not get affected. It’s possible that kids can generate errors or delete some files unintentionally. Or surf the web and download the malware or virus in the finding of games or playing the games.

So not only above practices such as firewalls are important in this case, but it’s also important that you create a separate user account for them. But the best solution is that you buy them a separate computer.

12. Disable desktop message notifications from the websites or applications:

Sometimes intentionally or unintentionally we turn on the desktop notification from the websites or applications such as social media and news. It will keep your computer, mind busy in getting instant messages and notifications from the web. This will not only affect the performance of your computer but it also decreases your productivity. So, don’t do it, if it’s not very important.

13. Place your computer in a dust-free and non-moisturizer area:

Dust and moisture are the biggest reason behind the various computer hardware and performance problems. When dust and moisture mix together it will damage, harm, and make your computer physically disabled.

For example, you turned on your computer after the 3 months of gap. But now it’s not turning on, you’re not seeing anything on the display or nor the lights are blinking.

It means the problem with the power supply. And you found that the power supply has dust and moisture.

Similarly, your computer keeps getting restart after 30 minutes or 1 hour. It means there can be a problem with CPU, ram, and even power supply problems. For example, if your CPU or heat sink fan is rotating slower then it will heat up the computer. And this heating impacts the RAM and also the power supply.

That’s why it’s always recommended that place or position the computer in a dust-free or non-moisture place.

Dust and moisture not only affect the computer or damage the computer but also any type of machine.

14. Make sure that computer/sound cables/plugs/connection is correct and in good conditions:

It’s important to check and make sure that your cables or cords and plug or switch are not conflicting with each other. It’s also important to check that if no wire is cut or short-circuiting or making noise.

If you connect or attach an audio jack or speaker cable to the computer and it makes extra sound along with music then check if it’s not short-circuiting.

Lack of proper and good conditions of wire or plugs can damage the motherboard or corrupt the operating system. So, make sure that you have a clean and proper cabling setup.

15. Install Antivirus Software:

If you don’t find yourself confident in computer operations, management and maintenance then install Antivirus software. Antivirus software provides your computer with real-time threat protection to all the devices, software, and data. And antivirus boosts the performance of your computer by protecting and protect from viruses, malware, adware, and spyware.

There is various high-quality antivirus and you can choose any one of the best to install on your pc or laptop.

By doing not only it will protect your data and computer but also increase the life of your computer and its components.

Read more: Why is it important to install antivirus software on a computer?

16. If you find it difficult to clean up your computer then use disk clean up tools:

While the above steps are enough to clean your computer, hard drives. But if you find it difficult to clean your pc in just one click or with few options without losing the data or conflicts, then you can also download and install genuine computer cleaning tools or apps or disk clean tools applications.

17. Make sure all the drivers and installed application software are up to date:

Don’t delay or extend any error from the application or software. Instead, get some time to troubleshoot it before it will corrupt other files and data. If you’re getting any problem or error from any installed application then you can check that software or application for updates. It’s possible that .dll or any other files are corrupt or delete accidentally.

If that also not work, then you can uninstall and reinstall the software application after disk cleanup.

18. Learn the basic computer and maintenance skills:

If you want to become confident in using a computer and its maintenance then learn the basic computer skills online or offline. Offline, there are various computer institutes that teach computer hardware in 1 month or 3 months crash course. You can also learn computer maintenance free of cost from YouTube channels. And if you want proper knowledge, step by step learning then you can also learn and improve your basic computer skills and maintenance skills.

The benefit of learning computer maintenance or basic skills is that you can operate and solve the basic problems or errors that you get in your computer.

You can also search for any error on Google or Bing search engine to get the appropriate solution.

But even to implement and use that solution it’s important that you have computer maintenance or hardware or software knowledge. So that if anything goes wrong, you will not lose your data.

So I recommend you to update or learn a few basic computer maintenance skills before you make any big changes to your computer.

 19. Contact the computer technician:

 If you’re not confident about making changes to your computer/laptop then contact the technician or service center in your area. You can also contact me if you have to make changes or customize the computer. Hiring a technician to upgrade or maintain or clean your computer will help you to save time and the work will be done better than you. Especially if you want to clean your home pc or laptop and you don’t computer hardware or maintenance knowledge.

 20. Upgrade your computer/laptop hardware when it’s important:

Software, technology is getting updated each day as well as hardware or physical components. 2 decades ago, 512 MB or 1 GB ram was enough. Even an 80GB hard disk was considered a lot for data storage.

But these days, it’s impossible to run or use any kind of software in 1 GB Ram. Even to run a google chrome or surf the internet it’s tough to do it in 1 GB Ram.

It’s because the memory, speed is consumed by lots of other latest technologies that run smoothly only on the highly configured computer. For example, to do video editing or graphic designing it’s very important that you have a minimum of 4GB Ram and a Graphic Car inbuilt or external. Even 4 GB is not enough. But at least enough to do basic works.

My point is that configure your computer as the work requirements or use. If you just want to listen to songs on the home pc then 1 GB Ram with Windows 7 Operating system is enough. But if you want to use your home pc or laptop or even any computer for work or professional reasons then you must upgrade your Ram to 4 GB to 8 GB and even higher if need to do. If you have a good configuration then it will also help you to install windows 11 as well.

So, to clean, increase the life, and speed up the performance and productivity then you must upgrade the pc or laptop when it’s important. And when buying a new computer please consider these points also. Best Guide to Buy Laptop in 2021: Cheap, Beautiful and Powerful

Some of the other best practices to clean, maintain, and improve the performance of your computer: 

  • If getting a problem with any program or in the windows startup process then restore the windows to the last date, when it was running well.
  • Block the unused windows services.
  • Use UPS if you find a lack of continuous power supply in your area.
  • Make sure that your PC or Laptop cooling system or airflow is working correctly.
  • Don’t use the laptop or computer in overheating conditions.
  • Make sure that LED/Laptop/Computer CPU is not getting direct heat from the sun.
  • Learn basic computer skills or maintenance skills on your own.
  • Use a cooling pad when using a laptop in the bed.
  • Use proper and good quality computer table.
  • Upgrade your computer/laptop hardware when it’s important.
  • Don’t switch off the computer, without turning it off from the windows start button.
  • Don’t install software without checking the configuration or requirements.

So, friends, I hope that the above tips and suggestions are helpful for you to learn about computer maintenance, performance improvement, and cleanliness.

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