Why Computer Skills are Essential in the Modern World


Computer skills can be defined as life skills in today’s world. Without the use of computers and the internet in online and offline business, educational services, and many other fields or professions it’s very difficult or impossible to do daily life work.

It’s not difficult that much for those born between 1985 to 1995. It’s because the people born in that decade have faced and experienced many changes.

They moved from RADIO to TV, TV to Computer, Cinema to online streaming, without a phone to iOS/Android phone, offline training and education to online courses, offline businesses to online businesses, full-time fixed salary jobs to freelancing, and many others.

The things that make all these things possible are the structure of computer science and the willingness to invent and innovate in people. But the importance of computer skills in today’s world is not only important for inventors, IT professionals, IT students, and IT companies.

But also important for agriculturists, environmentalists, economists, educationalist organizations, and leaders, and like others, it’s more important for next generations consumers.

In conclusion, computer, internet, telecom, and web-related technologies have broad areas of use, from the seller to buyers such as e-commerce, e-learning, home automation, business automation, social media, Internet of Things, AI, Cloud Computing, 3D printing, and thousands of others.

So having computer skills and infrastructure in all kinds of professionals will help to find and solve worldwide problems. But it’s important that every human understand the basics of Technologies.

So that they can use it based on its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why I think computer or information technological skills, literacy, and education are very important in today’s world.

Let’s learn more by categorizing the uses in various fields:

In learning and training:

The Internet is like a child of the computer. It was born or invented inside the computer. And its growth also depends on the knowledge of computer users.

The knowledge that was in the ’90s or 2000s was not the last. But that knowledge, the capacity of creativity, literacy, and habits of people have created/innovated the ways humans live on this earth these days. And one of them is internet-connected computers, mobiles, and devices that people don’t want to store in lockers. Instead, they want to use them for learning and education.

You know that there are computer programs, mobile apps, video channels, blogs, eBooks, podcasts, online courses, and AI assistants helping students and teachers to communicate, create, distribute, and trade with each other. It’s totally different than traditional education. But whatever it is, we can’t stop students to invent. They are inventing their own future.

If someone uses mobile phones for study, then it means they are wise enough to use the resources for learning. But in another situation, if they are just reacting to whatever comes on their computer/mobile screen, then they must have to think about its negative and positive.

But these days students can use the computer and the internet for research, inventions, learning, and experiments. And due to computer and internet connectivity and communication channels, students around the world get maximum benefits.

They are doing online degrees, and courses and earning a part-time income, working on side income projects, earning pocket money on their own, and thinking very differently than their parents and even teachers about the lifestyle they want to create and visualize.

But one thing that all teachers, parents, and society have to teach them is that they have to eat food to live so they need agriculture, they have to take oxygen, so they need to plant trees, water, etc. I mean don’t ignore natural sources of air, food, water, etc.

The other situation is that many people don’t have sources to get educated till today. Even many computer-literate students are not able to get the benefits of technology in their life and career. Why?

There are many reasons, but the common thing is that computers, the internet, and other technologies are so much helpful in educating all kinds of people, students, organizations and even their own devices in personalized manners. But someone needs to guide them. Guide them about the practical and hidden uses of computers and the internet.

There are many examples, where students are developing new agricultural systems and eco-friendly solutions. Even basic literate people learn many useful things from YouTube such as how to create natural composting, how to care for tomato plants, and how to expand the growth of banana trees.

While at the same time, many are learning how to earn a part-time income, many are learning and doing online businesses. this is all when someone gets to education from internet sources about technological uses and its using the tools.

If YouTube channels or video communication worldwide through computer/mobile is that powerful, then think about how programming, designing, content creation, animation skills, etc. in youth especially in rural areas, how impactful and efficient can for their career.

That’s why having computer skills and especially knowledge of modern technologies will be very helpful in education, schools, students and employees training and development.


Importance of Computer Education in Schools for Students

Importance of learning new skills for students and professionals

 Importance in Citizen Services:

These days if the government and private-sector employees don’t have computer and internet skills then citizens of the country have to compromise for solutions.

Today, most citizens are busy earning a living, they don’t have time or a holiday to visit the government office more than once. You saw that many government offices, where the work is not done or delayed due to computer problems and lack of computer skills.

You also know that there are many typing, spelling errors, addresses, and many other mistakes found in government documents.

Sometimes the font in the letter/notice/application/forms/invoices is very low, at other times, the font selection of the heading is very poor and as result, it’s not that easy to read for the citizen.

In another situation, you know that there are many mistakes found in Adhar Card, Pen Car, Voter ID List, Ration Card, etc. have many data and informational errors.

Sometimes the officer is not on duty, In his/her absence there is no sub-head or assistant, the sometimes server is down, another time computer is not working, there is no ink in the printer, etc.

The list is very long. But mistakes happen to people. We are not a computer.

But you know to make corrections in those cards, bills, and personal and government-provided documents, we have to take leave from work. And due to the holiday, our pay got cut.

It means to update or correct the data and information we have to pay 3000 from pocket, while the service was free. Are 3000 thousand small amounts?

What you can say?

It happens due to many reasons.

But if all kinds of officials and nonofficial in private and government sector employees have at least basic computer and internet skills, I think it will reduce the mistakes and lower quality in citizen services by 90%. But then it’s important for the government to require a quality control department for each citizen service.

In basic skills, every employee must know how to access the government website. They must know how to type with 40+ typing speed. They must know that if the computer is not turning on, then they are capable to check its code/cables/ram/fan or battery by themselves.

Many will say it’s IT department work or we have tendered for XYZ company, their support member will come, and then work will start again. And people are waiting in lines.

In case each employee knows the basics of computer software and hardware, they can handle 70% of errors, and it will save 1000 crores rupees for the government. And to do it, it’s important to train employees for 2-3 hours on Saturday or Sunday. And not only that, but it’s also important for government agencies to teach basic computer and customer service skills to new or old settled employees.  They must know how to communicate humbly in all situations.

When any government employees misbehave or delay the services, it will position the impact on the branding of the government or department. I know I can be wrong in explanations or examples.

But I am 100% sure that if all kind of employees has basic computer/internet skills and if they are willing to help the people of their country and want to do good Karma then each government policy will reach the last citizen of the country. And that’s the way towards development.

If you’re government or a private employee or have connected directly or indirectly with citizen services then I am 100% sure that you will start learning the basics of computers, the internet, and especially related to your office computer application or their operating methods.

And today, you know that you can learn almost any kind of skill online. Even you can access that syllabus on your mobile phone in the office.

There are specific courses, tutorials, and blogs available on the web. You can choose any course or skill that is important to you. You can do online Microsoft office courses, you can do an internet course, you can do hardware or basic operating system courses online. And the prices start from $10 or many are free.

You just need the will to learn. Technology does not care about age and position. it only required the person who can dedicate his/her time to learning.

So that’s why I think basic computer skills are very important for people.


Online Basic Computer Courses – Learn Essential Computer Skills

Best ways to learn computer skills quickly and accurately

Job and Career Development:

You work hard in any other field for 5 years after 10+2 or after basic schooling and you work for 2 years in the IT field and the results will be equal. For example, many people in their ’30s or ’40s are billionaires after 10 years of hard work and execution of business ethics. While it was a trend that people become millionaires after 20 to 30 years of struggle.

today, with computers and the internet people are earning more than the people running bigger construction plants. It’s due to the reasons that IT is involved in almost everything that is about business, education, entertainment, and consumer services.

For example to file GST, print bills, communicate, manage stock, automate business, for financial transactions, promote business, sell products to bigger markets, access government services, buy products/services/stock, etc. businesses are using computers internet, and many technological devices.

Do you think the only owner is doing all of these things? No. instead, he/she is hiring technical people for each position that is required in the business process and system.  It means there are greater opportunities in the private sector companies and IT field for students than in any other field for career development and Jobs.

But one thing that is important to remember, is that for career development and jobs, it’s important to have consistent learning habits. For example, you can start by learning the basics of computer/internet after that you have to learn to program software.

What I suggest for all kinds of students and professionals is that spend at least 1 or 2 hours daily on the development of their expertise and skills. And if someone does it, then he/she will get a higher growth rate as a professional.

So due to the fact that the demands of computer, programming, designing and digital marketing skills, etc. are higher and have more career growth and job opportunities and that’s why it’s important to have computer and internet skills in students and freshers. So that at least if they are not getting jobs due to their academic qualification, they can get them based on their technical skills. It means technical skills provide them 2nd option along with a degree.


Top 11 Most important Computer Skills to learn for career development

 Creativity and Innovation:

The world is facing various environmental problems such as lack of drinking water, pure quality of oxygen, lack of agricultural land or support, lack of plantation, and lack of environmental education. One of the reasons for these problems is our last 3 decades’ leaders and policymakers. They innovated and created non-eco-friendly products, businesses, and policies. Now their leadership capacity and thinking are almost finished.

But now every solution or innovation starts after certain problems. That’s how it’s worked for decades. every technology and innovation has its own disadvantages and advantages. But these days, we need a new generation of technical, political, academic and social leaders. Who thinks of nature is like a family member.

So, to succeed in that development or to reduce the current problems, our school, and college students must learn computer, internet, programming, and technological skills. Along with that they also need similar thinkers in their team from management, finance, and training. When they combine their skill and set collective goals for human development they will be able to make a change in the world.

When students use a computer or the internet they will find it exciting. They will think more creatively. And with research and experiments, they will get ideas to create eco-friendly products and services. But teachers have to manage their excitement and governments have to provide infrastructure and environment for their creativities.

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 Role of computer skills in the life of a consumer:

The biggest and most essential thing that today’s consumer has to learn about computers and the internet is data privacy. They have to learn and understand how their mobile phones work, how a computer works, what happens when they visit certain websites, and what data is tracked by apps and websites. And how that data is used.

They also have to learn to manage push notifications and robotic communications.

More important they have to learn to use /analyze each part of the technology that they interact with.

overall, it’s important for them to save time, money and various other problems. And also, communication they do by using the internet and social media channels.

Internet and computer are not toys, they are toys for these days’ kids, but for adults, they are serious machines that input and output emotional infrastructure in artistic styles.

There are many aspects that are hidden such as the uses of computer skills in farming and agriculture, handicraft items, and domestic home business.

Also, the future that is holding home automation and transportation adventure required a certain level of technological mindset and skills.

Today time information technology is part of our life. And if we’re not skilled in it then it makes us less competitive, and uncomfortable. While we have to never forget that it’s important to plant new trees, save water and grow natural resources. And it’s a part of our life. We can’t enjoy the other part of life without taking care of the main parts.

That’s why in today’s time not only computer and internet skills are important but to have knowledge of natural resources their growth. And it’s more important than technology and computer skills.

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