How to become computer literate


Computer literacy is essential in our business and personal life. The use of computers and internet-enabled devices in our daily life is growing with the philosophy of smart such as smartphones, smart cities, smart homes, etc.

Everyone wants to be smart and that’s not bad if it’s used with a proper understanding of the role of technology in our life and business.

There are various examples of how technology has changed our life and business. And many changes are good for people due to computer literacy and some are bad due to lack of it.

Characteristics of a computer-literate person:

Computer technology literate person knows or learns that they can manage their daily life work, and can become skilled and run an online business and build a professional network through computer and internet.

While the less computer-literate person is not able to evolve his/her own creative and entrepreneurship capacity.

In simple, a computer-literate person has more options for leading in his/her profession and business due to the power of technology. While a less computer-literate person has limited options for growth.

The goal of a computer-literate person is not just to solve problems, but also to change the process from the root level so that no one needs to solve that particular problem.

But having the knowledge of options doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee of success and winning. Success and winning depend on what you know and how you use it. Every computer student thinks and uses knowledge based on their creativity and learning. So, computer literacy is important to increase the thinking capacity to power up creativity and imagination.

Why is computer literacy important?

Once a student is confident about his/her computer knowledge and education then he/she can perform based on interests such as writing, coding, science, innovation, designing, and business.

Computer literacy is not a one-time thing it’s a never-ending continuous process. It starts from the foundation and goes to the top. Computer literacy brings new opportunities, it makes a change, shows us the way to fight challenges, and makes us stronger. That’s why computer literacy is important.

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How does computer literacy impact our lives?

Computer Technology is both an art and a science. Computer science helps us to think and explore new opportunities, and to come out from challenges on personal, social, and business levels. While computer art is computer skill.

Without skills, you will not be able to convert your thinking into practice or results. But if you can think then it’s enough to build the next billions of dollars company. But still, you need a team of people who are skilled in computers.

For example, you can read, learn, think, and plan what technology will be good to build the mobile app. You found that dart and flutter are good. Now you will hire dart and flutter programming experts (artists) to build that app. But still, it’s not enough. You have to invest in infrastructure, management, and automation. That’s how it looks in most cases. But this is mostly in startups.

In bigger IT companies the process of building new products or new technology or evolution is different. People are hired only for thinking such as research and development team obviously they are literate in that computer technologies.

If you can’t think about technology, then you can think to hire those who think about technology. That’s very simple to understand. To do anything big or small in life and business. I found that there are always three options. Do it on your own or take help or compromise.

I like to go deep. But the title or goal of this article is to show you the ways to become computer literate.

And when I say computer literate. I don’t mean you need to know everything. There are various goals, benefits or reasons behind becoming computer-literate or computer-educated.

In this article, I will try to show you the ways to understand how you can become computer literate. Whatever I learned the best so far. I will share. I hope this will help you.

You can also use these computer learning tips to become a computer expert, computer professional, and successful in the computer profession and business. Obviously, those who want to learn to teach computer science or computer skills will be more than helpful for them.

So, let’s get started:

1. Join the basic computer course at the local computer institute:

Everyone knows that they can search on Google even a 3-year-old kid knows that. The more important is to know what to search when to search, and how to filter the best source of computer knowledge.

The Internet is too big and time-consuming a source to become computer literate from zero. That’s why it’s important to find local sources where you can interact, ask questions, perform, and test your skills.

Those who have not learned the basics of computers in schools and colleges must do a 1 or 2- or 3-month basic computer course in a local computer institute. This will help them to operate, maintain and use the computer for basic work. It will develop computer vocabulary through communication and discussion with the instructor or computer teacher.

And also helps to understand the computer literacy level at ground zero. Learning in a group will help to understand and learn what other students think and perform in a particular computer concept and class.

Once you complete that, I expect that you will understand the following things. Even if you’re not sure, then you can discuss the following concepts with your computer teacher. For that please read the below posts:

If you have time and affordability then you can join IT, B.Tech, BCA, etc. degree courses. But even if you join the degree at least 1st learn basic computer skills or learn and understand the demand and supply side of computer technology.

2. Join online courses to learn basic computer skills:

Online computer courses are treated as a product. You don’t have to buy them like clothes. If something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s good. The goal here is to build the foundation for computers inside you.

If any company, institute or someone is promoting a grantee of anything in the IT field, then double-check that. The guarantee word does not exist in the computer field. The right word is Backup.

What do I mean?

I mean once you completed the 1 month or 2 months or learned the basics to operate the computer and then you’re ready to use the Internet to learn more advanced concepts or go deep into basics.

You can choose YouTube for free computer courses or you can buy online computer courses based on your interests.

But whatever resources you choose offline or online to learn basic computer skills or to become computer literate, please read and follow this syllabus.

Basic computer course syllabus to learn and teach

Not all computer institutes are able to afford these things, but you must at least discuss and understand these things.

If you want to learn for free on YouTube or through search engines then you can also use this computer syllabus for step-by-step learning.

Online courses and YouTube channels are not alternatives the institution-based offline group courses. Instead, they help to understand various computer concepts in different ways.

Everyone’s opinions, experiences, and knowledge are different.

If you want to find basic online computer courses then please get them here: Online Basic Computer Courses for Beginners: Learn essential computer skills

3. Buy computer science and technology books:

Books have their own value system and I hope they will stay forever. Reading computer books is the quickest and one of the most effective ways to become computer literate. Computer books will take you to the deep. You don’t have to try to finish computer books in one day. Just learn one concept. Understand that. Research about that and then move to the next.

Computer Technology is like a sea. And to become computer literate you don’t have to understand everything, just understand the basic fundamentals, the history of the computer, current trends, and the latest technologies.

You can use buy computer books, and magazines, and follow the technology news.

Becoming computer literate is not a goal or destination. Its journey never ends, it’s because computer technology keeps evolving. You have to enjoy the journey and do what you want to do. That’s simple.

Millions of people are on this journey. Everyone’s goal can be different. You don’t have to copy it. You have to build your own best version and then it can be an operating system, IoT, AI, Robotics, Server technologies, programming language, and business.

I found that in IT 10% is execution and 90% is learning and research. And every time you research a particular problem or technology or opportunity you become computer literate.

4. Join the network of technology enthusiasts and participate in technology events:

The network plays one of the most important factors behind what we have and do in life or business. During studies, jobs, and business you will interact with and find people similar to your interests. But not just make friends because he/she is a tech enthusiast. Make sure he/she also has good human, social, environmental, national, and emotional values.

You don’t have to make everyone friends or join every network in the IT field. Some of them can be in the information of a network of cheating, spamming, spoofing, and illegal work. Choose what is best for you and your family and obviously the country.

5. Use your computer skills and knowledge to get more:

Knowledge without use is waste. And that waste will become the reason for stress and anxiety in the future if you don’t use that. Or you will lose interest in the computer technology field. For this, it’s very important that along with the job, profession, and business, you also try new things part-time.

The more you practice your computer skills in the real field the more powerful and computer-literate you will become. But also, never expect that you will be appreciated every time. Or you will get an appreciation for the same work again and again.

But you can do the following things to improve your computer knowledge and become computer literate:

Things to remember: Don’t do it just for money, if you earn or receive don’t reject it. Use it to gain more computer knowledge or save it for future or funding for your IT startups.

  • Work as a computer operator in a local cafe or shop for a few months:

If you’re studying computers in the institute or in college then it’s a must for you. Use your spare time to work even for free in computer-related shops, cyber cafes, computer repair companies or offices.

Donate the labor and work for learning. In this job or work, you will get a chance to interact with customers or people and you will learn how things work at the basic level. From here you will get thousands of ideas for learning and startups.

  • Start YouTube Channel:

What you have learned and what learned best, start teaching that for fun. You can teach in schools and colleges the concepts you know the best. It’s like charity. The goal here is to build your own computer vocabulary, thinking capacity, and communication skills.

Everyone has stories and ideas to share. Those who are interested in such information or tips will find them helpful. You can use a blog as a diary to start your computer literacy journey and share that with your network. It’s like a series of steps. And you will be able to build an audience.

When you start sharing you will be able to filter your knowledge and interest. That filtered knowledge helps more students.

I always suggest having a blog is more important for students and professionals. Writing blogs will not only help you to improve your communication skills, or build your professional networks but writing help you to think.

Obviously, when you set up a blog website, optimize posts, and submit them for indexing in search engines you will learn various things about computers such as open-source software, website builders, domain names, hosting servers, websites, and digital marketing. All of these are part of computer literacy.

And if everything goes well with a few business strategies, you will be able to earn income from it.

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  • Build websites and web applications or apps:

Building websites is another demanding work in the business of online marketing. Website is a part of the digital marketing process and strategies but it itself is a business. You can learn to build business websites or website-based tools.

You can build anything but when you do it you will learn and become more literate about computer programming languages and frameworks. And you will how apps are built, how websites work, how data structure helps, and what is the way to automate complex tasks.

Obviously, after that, you can start learning about computer networks, cloud infrastructure, serverless technologies, processors, robotics, and AI.

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So, the conclusion of the 5th point is that learning to do something on the computer can be small logo design work, computer formatting or computer assembling and web development.

You must try to find something on your own or through a job or business to experiment and use your skills. In this process, you will be able to gain maximum computer knowledge. Each day you will have something to do or learn. And always think that you’re learning instead of working.

6. Specialize in one or two things if you want a job:

Computer literacy and expertise provide various job and career opportunities for students and professionals. But to find and get a good job you have to become an expert or gain a specialty in one thing such as it can be in automation, AI, Cloud computing, app or web development or software development etc.

Become an expert and specialize in one or two things if you want a job or want to be a CTO or CEO of your favorite big IT company.

7. Find current and future problems, opportunities, and challenges if you want to do business:

If you want to start your own business, then find any type of small or big problem and think about solutions that you can think and plan. Businesses have to have a vision or purpose.

Purposeful and intentional computer learning and practices are more useful. Also when you think about starting even a part-time computer-related business or even you think investment in any IT company then you read and research. All of these things help you to improve your computer literacy.

So, a computer literate person is not only good in computer science and art (skills/expertise) but also able to think and work on any IT project. A computer-literate person knows the personal, professional, social, economic, and national impacts of technology. And most importantly he/she can communicate about them effectively. And obviously, it will be for personal, social, natural, and national development.

 And remember: The day you think for yourself computer literate, skilled, the expert then set new computer learning goals immediately otherwise, your own knowledge and experience will become your growth stoppers. As I said learning is a never-ending journey. Enjoy it and live with it.

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